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Four Things You Need to Know About Carbon Removal by Angie Fairchild

April 20, 2022 • Graduate Research
Author(s): Angie Fairchild

As communities are feeling the damaging consequences of climate change, many people hope for an easy solution, like the farcical giant vacuum cleaner employed in “Space Balls-The Movie” to provide clean air for a planet that squandered its own. More

The Cost of Being a Bad Corporate Citizen by Dr. Olga Hawn

April 19, 2022 • Report
Author(s): Olga Hawn

CSE faculty director, Dr. Olga Hawn, is featured in the March-April 2022 Harvard Business Review, highlighting her research “How Media Coverage of Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility Influences Cross-Border Acquisitions,” originally published in the Strategic Management Journal. More

Examining the Sustainability of Sustainability: The Relationship Between Residential Solar and Gentrification in San Diego, CA

March 08, 2022 • Honors Thesis

Jessie LaMasse, BSBA’21, completed her honor’s thesis with CSE executive director Jeff Mittelstadt as her advisor. We recently had the opportunity to speak with her about her research and how she is using what she learned at Kenan-Flagler in her current role as an EFT and Index Investment Analyst at BlackRock. More

Grand Societal Challenges and Responsible Innovation

February 07, 2022 • Report
Author(s): Olga Hawn

Learn about the concepts of grand societal challenges (GSCs) and responsible innovation (RI) in the latest research co-authored by CSE executive director Dr. Olga Hawn More

Student Research: Environmental Sustainability in the Technology Industry

January 25, 2022 • Report
Author(s): Anagha Kalvade

The project “Sustainability in the Technology Industry: Challenges and Opportunities” has given her in-depth, hands-on experience researching the current methodologies employed by software and hardware companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use and waste generation. More

Honors Thesis: Climate Risk in American Financial Institutions

October 04, 2021 • Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Ari Singer-Freeman, BSBA’21, started thinking about how climate change could effect the American banking system in the course of his studies and through his summer internships, eventually leading to the topic of his senior honors thesis research project, “Climate Risk in American Financial Institutions.” More

Kenan Insight from CSE Experts on What to Expect from Biden on Climate Change

March 08, 2021 • Report

In this Kenan Insight, CSE experts Dr. Olga Hawn, Jeff Mittelstadt and Tracy Triggs-Matthews explain why we support these expectations, examining what Biden has already done in his brief tenure, the feasibility of the plans he’s outlined thus far, and whether (and how) he can propel the U.S. to a leadership role in sustainability More

The Role of Stock Exchanges in ESG Intervention

December 07, 2020 • Undergraduate Research

Carylann Edwards, BSBA 2020, completed an independent research project facilitated by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Environment, Ecology and Energy Program and Kenan Flagler Business School’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise on the role of stock exchanges in ESG intervention and a potential path to enhanced sustainability disclosure. More

Undergraduate Research: How Can We Improve Impact Investing, Especially Through Education?

November 09, 2020 • Undergraduate Kenan Scholar Research

Yingxi Huang, CSE full-time Sustainability Associate and Kenan Scholar, spent the summer researching the impact investing industry. She also studied how impact investing is taught at leading US business schools and at universities around the world. More

Undergraduate Research: Covid Response and Recovery Efforts and Sustainability in the Supply Chain

September 15, 2020 • Undergraduate Kenan Scholar Research

Ethan Silvey and Carli Cone, CSE full-time Sustainability Associates and Kenan Scholars, spent the summer researching response and recover efforts to the pandemic and sustainability in the supply chain, respectively. More

Building Resiliency from Fragility

August 17, 2020 • Undergraduate Kenan Scholar Research

McCauley Palmer, CSE full-time Sustainability Associate and Kenan Scholar, spent her summer researching the potential for sustainable development as a mechanism to drive recession recovery for the private sector and to build resiliency for future crises in response to the 2020 recession. More