About Quantum Advisors

Quantum Advisors Private Limited was founded by Kenan-Flagler Business School alumnus Ajit Dayal as India’s first institutional equity research house in January 1990, eighteen months before the first significant set of reforms announced that allowed the Indian economy to break out of the ‘Hindu’ rate of growth.


For over 25 years, Quantum Advisors and their partners have used their deep understanding and expertise of the Indian economy and stock markets to advise some of the most respected foreign investors.

Established on a foundation of ethics, integrity and a disciplined investment research process, Quantum Advisors is an asset manager catering to institutional, high net worth and retail investors. As their history suggests, they firmly believe in the long-term potential of India.


Institutional investors are finally talking about the triple P – the Planet, the People and Profit.

As an investment firm, Quantum Advisors’ mandate is to invest the capital of their clients for sensible long term returns without taking undue risks. It has been over 25 years since Quantum Advisors and its founders have included a “governance” factor when investing in companies. This is the “G” in “ESG”.

In 2015, they started to focus on the other two factors (Environment and Social) and have built a proprietary framework on evaluating Indian companies on various ESG criteria.

Quantum Advisor’s #SaveMyWorld Bucket

Call to Action:

  • Call on the developed nations to support developing nations in order to curb the effects of climate change
  • India is ground-zero for climate change
    • Currently, India produces 2.8 tons of GHG emissions per year per person, which is drastically lower than the U.S. (which is at 18.2 tons per person per year). As India continues to develop, it is projected to produce 5.5 tons per person per year and account for 10% of the global GHG production.


  • Pensions and sovereign wealth funds create an investment bucket focused on investments that will help meet Paris Climate Accord goals.
  • If 1% is invested from sovereign wealth funds, insurance funds, global pension funds, and the wealth of Top 1% of global adults, there will be ample capital to meet goals.
  • The #SaveMyWorld Bucket would act as a subclass of a typical investment fund that is directed to ESG public equity, ESG private equity, green bonds, and green infrastructure.
    • It will combine all instruments of investment to combat climate change.


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We accomplish this by engaging with and connecting stakeholders to empower students, faculty and businesses to create impactful solutions, strengthen resiliency and identify breakthrough opportunities.


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